What we do?

Smart City Solutions is the partner of choice for public institutions in many countries. We have expertise in different areas that help us to implement smart city technologies.

SCS Solutions implements lots, garages, and on-street parking programs in the cities that has never been implemented before or are barely self-sustainable and turn them into a legitimate source of income for municipalities. For municipalities, this will generate means of new revenue that can be injected into local projects and amenities.

But beyond guaranteed income to municipalities, Smart City Solutions can:

Yield Greater Productivity at a Lower Cost
Increased Order for the Municipality
Improved Traffic Flow
Reduced Congestion
Increased Parking Availability
Increased Incentive for Public Transportation
Creation of Legitimate Jobs
Elimination of Informal Parking “Attendants”
Improved Public Safety & Increased Vigilance
Sustained On-Street Presence of Our Agents
Reduction of Pollution & Emissions
Environmentally Friendly Equipment
More Payment Options For Customers
Complimentary Products (Coupons, Ads, GPS, etc.)
Improved Hi-Tech Municipal Image
On Par With Global Large Metropolitan Cities
Integration & Real Time Monitoring & Analytics
Efficiency & Better Product & Satisfied Clients

About our company

We optimizing and maximizing parking opportunities that contribute to improving the quality of life in the city’s residential and commercial areas. Helping on cutting down traffic congestions and improving local business operations.

We integrate full-scale operations with high tech communications platforms. Under the local concessions SCS staff:

  • Operates and manages the city’s parking spaces and facilities.
  • Installs road signs and parking meters, manages collection, and conducts daily preemptive maintenance of parking meters.
  • SCS enforcement division is responsible to manage and operate all type of citation related to the on-street parking.

Our achievements

We are present on 4 continents



Created during the projects and this number is still growing.



Customly developed and implemented.



We are ready for even most challenging projects.



In which on-street metered parking was a new concept.

June 18, 2020
Parking Systems Knowhow from Smart City Solution

Parking Systems Knowhow from Smart City Solution

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