Enforcement has never been easier

Smart City Solutions equips on-street enforcers with all necessary tools for easier and faster operation under every circumstance so that they can focus on improving the quality of life on the street. Smart City Solutions enforcement systems are connected to a centralized Parking Rights Data Base where rights are stored. Our system is connected to all the traffic and enforcement databases that are necessary for the fastest real-time enforcement.

  • SCS on street agents are equipped with handheld devices with all the streets, facts, and offense codes literally in their pocket.They ensure that parking and permit fees are paid promptly. Efficiency is key to our operation!
  • SCS enforcement vehicles are equipped with a Complete Automatic License Plate Recognition Cameras which provides real time monitoring and communicates directly with our centralized system.
  • SCS system supports issuing and notifying customers about their violation in real time through SMS and other Digital means. Our system can help locating stolen cars and identifying uninsured vehicles.